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Saashup Engine is a SaaS Operator to transform any containerized application into a SaaS. It takes an application image from dockerhub and delivers it as-a-service by automating multi-tenancy management, worldwide online payments, and day2 operations such as monitoring, troubleshooting and application upgrades.

SaaS delivery of software

Software creators, also known as "saashupers", are increasingly looking to deliver their software as a service (SaaS). Docker's widespread adoption enables the SaaS delivery paradigm to be offered everywhere. While this delivery strategy is appealing, the saashuper must address several issues in this regard:

  • What is the best way to package my app for SaaS delivery?
  • How can I verify that the various application instances are adequately isolated?
  • How can I manage online payments?
  • How can I scale accordingly to my customer engagement?
  • How can I enable my customers to provision their application instances?

Saashup Engine building blocks

For saashupers, Saashup Engine answers the questions above. It includes the following components for transforming a docker-native application into a SaaS offering.

  • Saashup Engine uses dockerhub for application packaging.
  • Saashup Engine provides the ability to encapsulate an application to enable the self-service creation of application instances.
  • Saashup Engine has worldwide online payment integration, with automated invoicing
  • Saashup Engine creates a separate instance for each customer to provide application isolation.
  • Saashup allows for an audit record and resource tracking of an application's resources for accurate consumption tracking.

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