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We strongly believe that low code represents the next application generation. Understanding business processes has much more value than writing tons of lines of code.

Tech skills-free approach comes with multiple advantages, such as a perfect time to market.

Business Success is in link to Service features and delivery, then IT must address several issues in this regard:

  • What is the best way to package my app for delivery?
  • How can I gain time for development?
  • How can I get development, test, and production environment strictly identical?
  • What are operational expenditures?
  • How big my infrastructure should be?
  • How many guys are required to manage it?
  • How do I create the CI/CD process up to the push-in production?
  • How do I secure my app?

The platform is a way to manage multiple Node-RED instances at scale seamlessly. platform

The platform answers the questions above.

Low code appl, the new normal, is the way to package a modern app. provides the ability to encapsulate your application within a dedicated Node-Red instance.

The worldwide coverage is offering you and your customer a unique implementation, that matches your requirements. creates pools of separate instances for each customer to provide application isolation.

Less than a minute to get your instance up and running, os management-free, at a glance headaches-free.

Upgrade when you wish at your convenience.

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