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Do you have a business that relies on software and is looking to grow? We're happy to help.
We help businesses manage their software efficiently and cost-effectively with our next SaaS solutions. Let us show you how we do it in just three easy steps:

A bit of Software evolution

People used to buy software with licensing keys. This was the first era, but it also meant that consumers would continue to pay for new program versions each year, and developers would be encouraged to create versions of their products to keep encouraging people to buy. 

While history jumps from the computer era to the world wide web, then to web 2.0 with social media, and today to blockchains with cryptocurrency and more. 

Following this unstoppable Information technology evolution, software licensing also changed significantly.

Software As a Service has come into the game for a couple of years.

SaaS is a software delivery model, with licenses replaced by subscriptions.  A subscription represents the right to use the software for a predefined duration. You may pay monthly, quarterly, or yearly, while pieces of code behind the scene are constantly updated with new features and permanently housed in the cloud. It can be accessed via a web browser or a mobile app.

Your Software

Your software is a crucial component within a SaaS, as it is the product to rent. 

Developing an application requires skills, technical and business. While the goal of your software is to deliver your value proposition concretely, the way you design the architecture becomes an important aspect.

Why is architecture design key?

Your investment is the time spent defining features, writing the source code, testing features, and bringing corrections.

You look for creating a SaaS to generate recurrent revenues (Monthly Recurrent Revenue, for instance). Then you expect hundreds, thousands, or more customers. The capacity is crucial to your growth.

 The technology landscape offers some solutions to scale. Saashup did select Docker container as a standard technology within our engine.

Our saashup engine helps you to transform your docker image into a SaaS. As a saashuper, you create and manage your SaaS. An instance will be started for each of your new customers (not necessarily users). 

Such an approach is a warranty to support your business growth.

How is security integrated?

Your security is our concern. Secure Single Sign-on is in place to authenticate access to the saashup control panel. Distributed Denial of Service protection is by design integrated; HTTPS is also active by default for Web applications, with an automated and transparent certificate renewal.

Our solution

From the control panel, you can

  • control each instance Stop-Start-Remove
  • upgrade memory limits
Your customer can
  • request an instance
  • apply upgrades at his convenience.

Invoices are automatically generated on monthly bases, and no action is required. The engine will charge your customers.

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